Change the exterior of your house

Update your exterior

Why transform the outside of your home?

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money to change the way the inside of their home looks, but the outside is just as important. Without maintaining it, your home can look drab and boring.

In the long run, the better looking your exterior, the more its market value.

Adding little things to the outside can change it completely.

A little dormer window addition and replacing old tiles to new, modern ones can give your house that character you’ve always wanted.

Improving your roof

Your roof covers around 40% of your home, so it is important that you get it right.

The right roof is important not only to make your home look great, but to increase its value, and to keep your house warm and dry.

Weatherproofing is important for your home. Roofing companies will use weatherboards to make sure that your home feels insulated and is dry.

Read more about waterboarding here.

A lick of paint goes a long way when it comes to making your home stand out

Signature Painters can help with the complete exterior re-paint. The right preparation and quality paint will have a huge effect on the way your property looks.

An exterior re-paint can increase the value of your property and can help to reduce repairs you may need in the future. An 8 year warranty is included on all exterior services. Click here for more information.

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Improving your windows

Nothing can ruin the appearance of any home more than doors and windows that are in a bad state of repair. Old windows and doors are often draughty, difficult to open and close and need constant attention.

Many consider that there are real benefits to be enjoyed from replacement doors and windows which will not only save money on heating bills, but will be a joy to use, plus increase the security of your property.

Garage doors need a bit of love sometimes

Garage doors are often neglected, and it is surprising how replacing these doors can benefit the appearance of the whole property.

Modern garage doors are available in a wide variety of designs to suit the style of your property and they can considerably ease the performance of opening and closing sagging, ill fitted and rotting doors.

We all want a trustworthy company

The hardest bit about using a company to do your work is you just don’t know who you are going to get. But, always look at reviews and their previous work to see what people really think of their work.

Having a reliable handyman is something that everybody lives for as they will be able to complete the work to the highest standard possible.

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