Maintaining a Commercial Property

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In any building, damage can easily be done, or even just appear. This can be slightly annoying as you hadn’t planned for it to happen, therefore don’t have the budget for it, but you know they need to be fixed quickly and efficiently. Get in touch with us for our services.

Issues can arise in:

  • Leaking taps and roofs
  • Faulty security systems
  • Malfunctions in technology
  • Broken tiles/carpet

Having areas such as those above checked on a regular basis (every 3-4 months) means damage is less likely to come around and you can stay on top of the game.

For regular electrical checks, we suggest Speedy Electrical. They have a team of electrical experts that are able to fix any issues you may have. Visit

Interior Environment

Cleanliness is a major factor when it comes to securing tenants inside your property, as well as keeping them.

Simple things do make a big difference and can range from a tidy environment where there is no mess on the floor, to carpet cleaning. For more information on commercial cleaning services, click here.

Also, maintaining high standards of hygiene is a bonus.

Exterior maintenance is just as important

Having a constant monitor on the exterior of your building means you will be on hand when something goes wrong. Read more about the exterior of a building, click here.

It is essential to always check your car parks, roofs and the outside paths – without doing this it can turn consumers away as they feel an unattractive site is less professional. Get your roof repaired.

In addition, being aware of the outside means you can prevent any damage early on, so the risks will be much less compared to if you didn’t check. Contact us for our services.

Accessible Facilities

Maintaining areas such as toilets, lifts and other public spaces is key if you want the building to function properly and to run smoothly. This also means everybody is comfortable inside the building. See what our handyman services can do for you.

We can undertake vigorous testing to ensure your property is accessible to everybody. One of the first and most obvious things to look out for is the ability to get into the building. We recommend having a ramp and automatic doors fitted to ensure their accessibility is not limited to their physical abilities. Look at your ramp options here.

Of course, having a commercial property, there are a lot of repairs and maintenance involved, but once again remembers to have regular checks to ensure there are no issues. Maintaining your property will keep the value high.